(i love chair.)

Shannon Leigh McCarren




personal declaration:



and I've chosen the art form of


as my living passion.


the shaping of me:

I am a Pennsylvania native. I grew up 44 miles north of the STEEL CITY of Pittsburgh on an acre of land in a house that my father and his father built. I am the daughter of an Irish potter/professor and an Italian nurse. Joseph + Valerie met circa July 1986, got married (2nd time for both of them) in Dec 1988, had my sister Rachel and then [[me]]. Before Rachel and me, however, came my half sister Stephanie, ((but the 1/2 thing doesn't matter in our family. Blood is blood)). This made the male to female ratio in my household 4:1... this detail may seem irrelevant to some, but I happen to consider it very relevant, especially in today's times. My mother's parents moved in with my family when I was a baby after selling their funeral home which they owned, ran, and lived above for 35 years. [[Yes, like the movie My Girl]]. **Side note: this brought the male to female ratio in my household to 2:5.** ;) In short, I am a #MILLENIAL brought into this world by 2 BABY BOOMERS, raised by 2 SILENT GENERATION grandparents, and topped off with a GENERATION X for an older sister. Translation: I am an old soul, I value the morals and traditions of my ancestors, yet I got slapped with a wooden spoon when I was bad, and I have a taste in music that ranges from Frank Sinatra>>The Beach Boys>>Bob Dylan>>Biggie Smalls>>John freakin' Mayer. ((May I add that I am unashamed of my tendencies as 90's baby//early 2000's child and teen.)) With all these influences, let's just call me a... FREE SPIRIT? After all, I am a LIBRA (though I don't put my faith in the stars). I love Jesus. I was raised by Irish + Italian Catholics, remember? Although, these days I don't adhere to a particular denomination. (I prefer not to confine myself to man's religious/political/societal terms and titles.) 


my essence:


from all walks of life,

all ages,

all cultures,

all religions,

all nations,

no ifs, ands, or buts.


I make it my 

duty & life's purpose

to emanate that love

in everything I do,

every thought I think,

and every word I speak.

The littlest things 

make me smile,

and I challenge myself

to brighten the lives 

of others every day

that I am walking and

breathing on this earth.

art then and now:

I've been surrounded by the arts my entire life. My father's pottery,writing,and carpentry... my grandfather's art of embalming, dressing, and making up the dead (a beautiful and sacred craft)... my mother's art and compassion of tending to the sick, along with her immense love and endless knowledge of movies... my sister's poetry and raw abilities drawing, painting, and music... it's no wonder I pursued a creative lifestyle. I first dipped my toe into the theater arts at a summer arts academy that my father ran at his university. I remember the sensation of performing my first monologue... I promised myself then that I would never stop pursuing this new love I had found. I graduated from college with my B.A. in Theatre from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (home of the late and great Jimmy Stewart), bridged academia and the professional world of theater by completing a year long acting apprenticeship at Serenbe Playhouse in GA, and have decided to make Atlanta my home base as an actor. I am well versed in theater, and at this point I am shifting my focus to do more film/TV work. Follow along on my social media as I embark upon my journey into the Hollywood of the South. 


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