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Theater is directly attached to my life’s purpose, my reason for being, my soul’s deepest passion: to love and serve humanity. Ever since I can remember, theater has provided me with an avenue not only to express myself as an individual artist, but to act as an extension of my heart and the love I have to offer the world. I have experienced the transformational healing power of the dramatic arts through my chosen discipline of acting, and I feel that the more I can master my craft, the more revelation I can bring to others. Acting has proven itself essential for my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual calibration, ultimately serving as my compass to be a more present, aware, compassionate, and intentional person. It is beyond any hobby or interest but rather the attunement of my passion and higher purpose. I am enthralled with the magic and mystery of theater-making and am thrilled by the personal discovery delivered with every character I portray, and every story I tell.

            As I ponder recent years and take inventory of myself as an artist, I recognize the immense gift that theater has been to me. I love Stella Adler’s quote, “growth as an actor and growth as a human being is synonymous.” This is a sentiment that rings in a new key amidst the collective trauma and loss suffered from the pandemic. What I was able to salvage from this chaotic season, is the rediscovery of self. The pain, loss, and confusion I experienced compelled me to peer inwardly and call to the surface the lessons that I was meant to learn and to recognize the treasures among the ruins. This journey brought me clarity beyond anything I could have imagined. I have been reinvigorated as an artist and long for fellow collaborators and creative sanctuaries that will support me as I delve deeper into my love affair with the craft of storytelling. Regardless of what path awaits me, I am driven to always foster a meaningful and fruitful life in the theater.



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